Environmental Science Report Evaluation

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                                    Note: All underlined words are Hot-Linked


_____ Objectives/Guide Questions OR __Quiz  (10 points)
                   __ Format is based on “Example Seminar Report

                   __ Each “Objective/ Guide Question” Stated
                   __ Completely and Correctly Discussed
                   __ Appropriate References included with each question

Application (15 points)
                  __ Format is based on “Example Seminar Report

                  __ Data sheet and/or questions included.
                  __ Appropriate Data - Correctness
                  __ Completely Done
          __ Summary of Application

                                 __What did you do?

                                 __What did you find out?
Web Research (5 points)  

                  __ Format is based on “
Example Seminar Report

                  __ Picture includes the URL and Part of the Web Page with
                          the URL or web address clearly readable.
                  __ Describe the contents of the site.
                  __ Identify a minimum of two facts and why it is a fact.
                  __ Identify a minimum of two opinions and why it is an opinion.
                  __ Indicate how this site applies to the seminar.

Seminar Summary and Final Thoughts
(5 points) 
                   __ Format is based on “
Example Seminar Report

                   __ Comprehensive Summary of Seminar
                   __ Your thoughts concerning the seminar


                   __ Report Format is not appropriate (Title, Name, Section)
                   __ Subject Line of email not labeled correctly

      In the Subject line, of your email, indicate: Section#, Seminar# - Name,

      For example if your name was John Doe in section 01 doing seminar 05
  then place in the
subject line:  0105 - John Doe

_____ Report Score (Max. 35)

           Grading:    35 – 31.. A   31 – 28.. B   27 – 24.. C   23 – 20.. D   0 – 19.9.. E
Ten additional points are earned using Connect and are posted in Angel Grade Book