Application 01

Environmental Science

Science, Technology and the Environment



You have a choice of two Application Projects, “Environmental Cartoons” or “Technology Produces Change” select one and follow the directions.  


1. Environmental Cartoons














Gee, I don’t know. . . .  If I had to choose between you I’d say that

Jerry’s  formula has the most hideous side effect.


a. Obtain Cartoon that you think has a scientific or technological basis.

1) You may use one of your favorites or click on the hotlink "environmental cartoons"  or "image results for environmental cartoons" to select a cartoon.

2) Paste a copy of the cartoon into your report. (Use the "Snipping Tool")

b. Describe the scientific or technological environmental issue in the cartoon.

c. Describe your solution for the issue.

d. Write an Application Summary containing what you did and what you found out concerning this activity.

2. Technology Produces Change

The website vPike provides web cam pictures for a destination of your choice. This activity will compare a city of one hundred years ago to one of today.

a. Compare the picture below, of a city street in 1910, to the picture of your city. The picture illustrates many technologies such as the “mini-marts” of the day, paved streets, wheels, clothing, windows, awnings, multi storied buildings, gas streetlights and notice the lady with the “shopping bag”. (Include picture in report)

b. Go to vPike - and enter the name of a city (maybe your city or try several)

c. Move the camera to view a city street.

d. Using the “Snippy Tool” obtain and include a picture for your seminar report.

1) Identify and describe the technology illustrated in your picture. (Include picture in report)
2) List a minimum of 5 the changes or “advances” in technology between the two pictures.
3) Predict what a picture taken in 2110 might look like.
4) Discuss the influence of technology on rate of change over time.  


3. Summarize the application containing "what you did" and "what you found out" concerning this activity.