Objectives/Guide Questions 01

Environmental Science

Science, Technology and the Environment



To demonstrate your knowledge of the Objectives/Guide Questions provide a detailed answer to each of the Objectives/Guide Questions. Each answer must be in your own words and supported by a reference. The reference for written materials must have a title and page number. Internet references should have title and URL or Address.

To Begin:

A. Copy the Following Questions and Paste into Your Seminar Report:

1. Select and copy the questions. Place the cursor to the left of question one and drag to the end of the last question. When the questions have been highlighted, copy and paste into seminar report.

2. Open your seminar report, in MS Word.
3. Paste the questions into your seminar report.

B. When answering the question place your answer after the question or part of question.

C. Where do I get the information to answer the Objectives/Guide Questions?

1. Lecture
2. Textbook
3. Discussion board
4. Internet

a. Google key words in Objectives/Guide Questions.
b. Ask a question in Google.


Part A -  Objectives/ Guide Questions 

1. Define science, technology, and environmental science.


2. What are scientific methods?

a) Distinguish between data, hypothesis, theory, and law

b) Define critical thinking.
c) What is a controlled experiment?
d) Why can't something be scientifically "proven"?


3. How can scientific models be used to study the environment?

a) Define a model including inputs, outputs, pathways, storage, and feedback loops. Provide an example of a working system including inputs, pathways and outputs. How can feedback loops affect the behavior of your system?

b) Define a complex system/model and provide an example of a complex system.


4. Define, using a dictionary, FACT and an OPINION.

a) How can a fact and opinion be confused?
b) Why are verified observations considered facts but all observations are not facts?


5. In the lecture the statement is made that "In science, a fact is generally an agreement, by competent observers, of a series of observations of the same phenomena." Provide a brief explanation of this statement, and include a description of a competent observer.      






 Include the Guide Questions and answers in the seminar report unless "Taking Test".