Seminar 02


Environmental Science

The Environment & Ecosystem

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Seminar Objective:

       Upon completion of this seminar be able to demonstrate knowledge of the environment and ecosystems.


What "To Do" Checklist for Week 02:       

1. Read this week’s seminar, prepare the seminar report as indicated and submit (as an attachment to an email to before 12:00 midnight of day seven.   Due Dates for all assignments and “Days of the Week” will be found in the Semester Calendar.   The Seminar Template - 02 will provide a fill-in-the-blank format for you report. This will make your job easier.


     Each Report has four sections:

a. Objectives/Guide Questions OR Quiz

b. Application

c. Extending the Seminar - Web Research

d. Seminar Summary and Final Thoughts


2. Also post “Summary and Final Thoughts”, to this Discussion Board.   


3. Answer one of the Discussion Questions; post it to this "Discussion Board" before 12:00 midnight of day four.  (Include reference)

          Discussion Questions:

          a. Discuss how ecosystems are studied and give examples.

          b. Discuss the reasons that since humans can create large cities why can't they create a large efficient ecosystem.


4. Complete CONNECT assignment



What to Read for this Seminar

Lecture : (Click to Read)

Textbook: (Read the following) 


Seminar 02 Reading Assignment





Evolution, Biological Communities, and Species Interactions



Matter, Energy and Life







CONNECT is an internet based companion, to your textbook, site that is designed to supplement your textbook and is required for this seminar. (see Syllabus) Go to the Connect site, select the assigned chapter(s) listed above, and complete the activities.

CONNECT step-by-step:
    1. Go to weekly seminar.
     2. Determine which chapters you are responsible for.
     3. Click on the hotlink for
Connect in weekly seminar.
     4. Click on the hotlink for your section.
     5. Sign-in to Connect and complete Connect activity for chapters listed in seminar.


The Seminar Report

 Part A - Write out Objectives/ Guide Questions - OR Quiz

The “Objectives/Guide Questions” identifies the specific learning outcomes for this topic.  Read the "Objectives/Guide Questions" carefully and develop referenced answers. The information to answer the Objectives/Guide Questions can be obtained from:
     1. Lecture
     2. Textbook
     3. Discussion board
     4. Internet
         a. Google key words in Objectives/Guide Questions.
         b. Ask a question in Google.

There are two choices to demonstrate your mastery of the Objectives/Guide Questions. 

      1. Write out detailed answers to the objectives/guide questions, with references. 
          Click on the hotlink copy the Objectives/ Questions and Paste them into Your Seminar Report.


      2. Take a quiz, based on the Objectives/Guide Questions. 

            The quiz must be taken before the seminar "Due Date" and is available in the virtual classroom. 

    Please Note:

The Objectives/Guide Questions are worth 10 points and an optional quiz is worth 10 points.

The quiz is multiple-choice with 20 questions.

Since Part A is worth 10 points and sections B, C, D are worth a total of 25 points each seminar is worth  10 + 25 or 35 points.

Quizzes are available only during the week for their seminar.

You may retake a quiz up to three times and you will receive the highest score.

            Please do not do both as you will force me to select one of the scores.


Part B - Application

 Read the application and obtain the required information to complete the application.  

     This seminars application is: Environmental Analysis  (Click to Select)


Part C - Extending the Seminar - Web Research

Select a website of your choice, from the ones provided (Web Resources) and:

1. Include a partial picture of the web site. Include the URL and part of one of the web pages.

2. Describe the contents of the site.

3. List a minimum of two facts.
4. List a minimum two opinions.
5. Indicate how the website relates to the seminar.


 Part D - Summary and Final Thoughts - This part is composed of two paragraphs.

1. Seminar Summary. The first paragraph is a summary of the concepts presented in the seminar - Be specific.

2. Final Thoughts. The second paragraph draws together your thoughts, feelings, and how this seminar relates to your life. 

    Post your "Summary and Final Thoughts" to the virtual classroom/ Discussion Board before the evening of day six.

     Also include the "Summary and Final Thoughts in your seminar report.


       An Example Seminar Report is available to be a model for the development of the seminar report.




Submit the completed seminar report, before 12:00 midnight of the "Due Date" as an attachment to an email sent to Your seminar report will be evaluated using a Grading Rubric or grading sheet. The rubric will be used to evaluate your assignment and will be returned to you for your review and can be used as a guideline for improving future reports. There will be no surprises and you will be kept informed as you proceed.







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