Seminar 03

Environmental Science

Matter and Energy

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Calendar                                   Suggested Plan of Work




1. Read all assigned materials.

            Lecture    (Click To Select)



Seminar 03 Reading Assignment       Text: Environmental Science    






Science, Matter and Energy








 Some Basic Chemistry




      2. Follow the directions and examples, provided in this seminar, to develop the seminar report.  Each report contains the parts A - E discussed below and an  Example Seminar Report. provides a model to help develop your report. Use the format and labeling, of the example report as the basis for your report.


           Part A -  Objectives/ Guide Questions (Click to Select) OR Quiz.             

You have two choices to demonstrate you have obtained the skills for this section.  Your first choice is to prepare detailed answers to the objectives/guide questions, with references.  State the question, then your response and references that support each answer.


The second choice is to take a quiz. (For the part A, of your report indicate Taking Quiz.) The quiz must be taken before before the seminar "Due Date" and is available in the virtual classroom. The quiz is multiple-choice with 20 questions.  Each student will be provided a unique computer generated quiz. The score only will be posted for the quiz. The score will be included in the students Angel Grading System. Please note that the purpose of the quizzes is to determine the degree to which the "Learning Objectives/Guide Questions have been mastered and is not intended as a learning tool. One should consider answering the guide questions to fulfill that goal.  


           Part B  -  Discussion Questions (Click to Select)

You will be assigned one discussion question. Fully research your question, using the internet, assigned readings and your personal experiences to develop a complete answer. Please include the Question number, question, answer, and appropriate references. Two things need to be done with this question. First, post your response/answer before 12:00 midnight of day three, to the virtual classroom.  Second, include the discussion question in your seminar report.  Post your responses, to other students discussion question posting, before evening of the day six. Use student responses, to your question, to improve your answer.


         Part C - Application Activities

Read the application, perform the indicated activity and obtain the required information to complete the application.  Use the Virtual Classroom to discuss any concerns or problems you encounter while working on the Application Project. As part of a learning community it is your responsibility to help and support you fellow classmates. Include the data sheet, appropriate data, and a summary of the implications of the activity and how it applies to the seminar.



                    Electrical Production and Home Lighting Analysis  (Click To Select)


         Part D - Web Investigations

Select one website of your choice, from the ones provided (Web Resources) and:

     a) Include a picture of the web site. Include the URL or address and part of one of the web pages.

     b) Describe the contents of the site.

     c) List a minimum of two facts.

     d) List a minimum two opinions.

     e) Indicate how the website relates to the seminar. 


         Part E - Summary and Final Thoughts

               This part is composed of two paragraphs.

1. Seminar Summary. The first paragraph is a summary of the concepts presented in the seminar - Be specific.

2. Final Thoughts. The second paragraph draws together your thoughts, feelings, and how this seminar relates to your life. 


              Post your "Summary and Final Thoughts" to the virtual classroom/ Discussion Board before the evening of day six. Also include the "Summary and Final Thoughts to your seminar report.



3. Submit the completed seminar report, before 12:00 midnight of the "Due Date" as an attachment to an email sent to Your seminar report will be evaluated using a Grading Rubric or grading sheet. The rubric will be used to evaluate your assignment and will be returned to you for your review and can be used as a guideline for improving future reports. There will be no surprises and you will be kept informed as you proceed















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