Objectives/Guide Questions 04

Environmental Science

Earth's Structure & Solid Waste


To demonstrate your knowledge of the Objectives/Guide Questions provide a detailed answer to each of the Objectives/Guide Questions. Each answer must be in your own words and supported by a reference. The reference for written materials must have a title and page number. Internet references should have title and URL or Address.

To Begin:

A. Copy the Following Questions and Paste into Your Seminar Report:

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2. Open your seminar report, in MS Word.
3. Paste the questions into your seminar report.

B. When answering the question place your answer after the question or part of question.

C. Where do I get the information to answer the Objectives/Guide Questions?

1. Lecture
2. Textbook
3. Discussion board
4. Internet

a. Google key words in Objectives/Guide Questions.
b. Ask a question in Google.

Part A -  Objectives/ Guide Questions 

1. Describe the layers of the Earth and composition of each layer.


2. Define is the theory of Plate Tectonics and discuss the geographical features formed by plate tectonics?


3. List the major constructive processes occurring on the surface of the earth including diastrophism and crustal movement.


4. List the major destructive processes occurring on the surface of the earth to wear it down including weathering and erosion.


5. Describe the structure and composition of soil.

a) Which soils are best used for growing crops?

b) Identify the main causes of soil erosion and how erosion can be reduced.


6. Identify five key minerals and complete the table.



Key Minerals

Length of time to Last




Mineral Name


































Refer to this website for assistance: http://minerals.usgs.gov/minerals/pubs/commodity/ . Select the element, and then go to Mineral Commodity Summaries", select the most recent year.


7. Define hazardous waste.

a) Name the principal types, sources, and effects of each?

b) How are hazardous waste managed?


8. Define non-hazardous waste.

a) Name the principal types, sources, and effects.

b) Define the terms reduce, reuse, recycle, and refuse and indicate how they could be applied to your life. (Refuse, as in - I refuse to use that product)

c) How are non-hazardous wastes managed?


9. Describe the rock cycle:

a) Insert a picture of the rock cycle and explain how rock cycle recycles the earth's materials.

     When describing the rock cycle indicate how a rock is converted to each of the rock types (igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic).

b) Provide two examples of igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic rocks.


10. Finding Mineral Resources:

a) How mineral resources found and extracted from the Earth's crust?

b) What is economic depletion of a mineral resource?

c) Describe strip mining and its short and long term environmental impacts and possible solutions.

d) Describe subsurface mining and its short and long term environmental impacts and possible solutions.

e) Will there be enough nonrenewable mineral resources for future generations?



Include these Guide Questions and answers in your seminar report unless "Taking Test".