Application Project 07

Environmental Science

Green City Index


1 - Roper Survey


     The Roper Survey is a one question survey. After describing various categories of environmental involvement the participants are asked which category they belong. The results of a national survey by the Roper Organization found that even though 78% of Americans believe that a major national effort is required for environmental improvement (ranking it fourth among national priorities), only 22% were making significant efforts to improve the environment.


     The five categories of citizens are: 

    True-blue greens (11%), who are involved in a wide range of environmental activities.

    Greenback greens (11%), who donít have time to be involved but who will pay more for a cleaner environment.

    Grousers (24%), who arenít involved in environmental action mainly because they donít see why they should be if every≠body else isnít.

    Sprouts (26%), who are concerned but who donít believe individual action will make much difference.

    Basic browns (28%), who are the most apathetic and least involved or who are strongly opposed to the environmental movement.


 Roper Survey Assignment

a. Ask a minimum of TEN individuals to take the "Roper Survey" survey.

b. Describe the five categories of citizens, to those taking the survey, and ask which category of citizens they belong. 

c. Enter the results of your survey in the chart and include the percentages calculated for each category. (Copy chart and paste into your report)





The Roper Survey

Categories of Citizens




Basic Browns
















d. How does your survey results compare with the Roper survey?

e. What do the results of your survey suggest about our future on Earth?



2 - Home Town Student Opinion Survey

The following is a personal survey to be completed by you based upon your observations of your city. In the survey 0 is the lowest and 10 is the highest. In your opinion what is your rating of the following components of your town/area? (Copy chart and paste into your report)


      Name of City/State being surveyed  ____________________________  


         Home Town Survey






  Are the existing trees protected?                                        




  Is there evidence that new trees have been planted?             




  Does your city have local city parks that can be used and enjoyed       




  Can the local lakes and rivers be swum in?                             




  What is the quality of the air?




  What is the quality of the drinking water?




  Are there efficient noise pollution reduction plans?




  Are there convenient recycling programs?




  Does your city have a hazardous waste collection program?




  Does your city have a recycling program?




  Does your city have a composting program?




  Does your city have an effective mass transit system?




  Are there bicycle paths?




  Do buildings have high-energy efficiency standards?




  Is there a "buy local" program for matter and energy resources?




  There is sustainable use of locally available resources?




  Are there renewable energy resources available locally?




 Do local officials check out the environmental record of industries
  that want to relocate to your town?




  Do local environmental laws protect enough citizens?




  Are local master plans used for land-use decisions?




  Is medical care easily obtained?




  Are land use decisions made by using ecological planning?




  Are decisions made with active participation by citizens?




                                          Total Points   




a. Add up all of your points and divide them by 230 then multiply by 100. 

     a. What is your percentage?  

     b. What grade does your city earn? (90-100 A, 80-89 B, 70-79 C, 60-69 D, Below 60 E

     c. How is your city doing?

b. What do you like best about your area?   (

c. What do you like least about your area?

d. All areas have ecology organizations. List the ecology organizations in your area
that promote and fight for quality development. Describe them. Are you a member?   



3 - Population and Future Growth     

Directions: answer the following questions, for your city, and include references for your answer.  Access the Internet and obtain population data for any state.  Identify your selected state, indicate and discuss current data and state future projections for population, economics, and growth patterns. Your response should be in your own words.


a. Indicate the population of your town and your source. __________________________

b. What will be the estimated population for the year 2050? ____________________

c. How do you believe the changes in population will affect your "Home Town Survey"?

d. State how Population data based on age distribution can be used to make predictions


 4 - Summarize the application containing "what you did" and "what you found out" concerning this activity.



Web Sites: - U.S. Census - U.S. Census - Projections of the Population, By Age and Sex, of States: 1995 to 2025 Look at the first two letters of the listing to identify the state. For example miprsrel Ė first two letters are mi (for michigan). - U.S. Census - STATE POPULATION RANKINGS SUMMARY (Michigan) - Human Population Calculator


For additional resources and sources click on Web Resources.    


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