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Environmental Science

Genetically Engineered Foods


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Based upon the work of: Sandra R. Holmes, MS RD





We have been very successful with the production of food to feed our population but we are continually looking for better methods to increase food production. One avenue of interest is Genetically Engineered Foods. Genetic engineering involves the modification the genetic material of plants and animals. Imagine an orange that contains all the nutrients in a multivitamin, a tomato with more flavor as well as cancer fighting substances, sweeter strawberries, a potato that can be made into healthier French fries, allergen-free peanuts, bananas that deliver needed vaccines or fruits and vegetables that are more insect resistant. This is real science and it is happening in laboratories today under the label of Genetically Engineered Foods. These foods are now being found in our grocery stores.


Although can science discover ways to create these new foods and the technology to mass produce them does it mean we should?  Are these foods safe to eat? How would these new crops affect the environment? Are these genetically modified foods everything they promise to be by their proponents? Or are they something to fear according to several advocacy groups?


The purpose of this assignment is to investigate the current literature, by using the internet, concerning  Genetically Engineered Foods and determine what genetically engineered foods are and if they dangerous to our health and to the environment?


This application will have several sections. Use the references provided, and any you have found



 1. Analyzing Genetically Engineered Foods

a. What are Genetically Engineered Foods?


b. Read and think about the major groups, Social, Political, Economic and Scientific, perspectives until you can write a statement that summaries each major perspective. Please use the chart to record your statements.   (Copy the chart and paste it into your seminar report.)

                    You can also Google/Bing questions like:
                           What are Social Scientists perspectives on genetically engineered foods?
                           What are Politicians perspectives on genetically engineered foods?
                           What are Economics perspectives on genetically engineered foods?
                           What are Politicians perspectives on genetically engineered foods?
                           What are Scientists perspectives on genetically engineered foods?

Major Perspectives on Genetically Engineered Foods


Perspective / Position










c.   Read and think about the summary statements of the four major perspectives and develop

      a consensus position that draw the four positions together. This is your consensus but it must be based on facts.


d. Take a position. Answer the question:

    "Are genetically engineered foods dangerous and would you would buy and consume them?"

                   Support your position using the facts/references used to come to your position.

                   If you have chosen not "use" them are there any conditions or changes that would allow you to use them?



 2. Summarize the application containing "what you did" and "what you found out" concerning this activity.




Use the following references to help with this section.

Please feel free to use additional reference but indicate reference used.


Genetically Modified Food - Overview - Genetically Modified Food - Overview.htm

List of Genetically Engineered Foods - Genetically Engineered Food Products

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         For additional resources and sources click on Web Resources.







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