Ecological Footprint




  Directions: The following parts/questions, 1-7, indicate the sections of your extra credit "paper". Label each section and
                  fully answer each parts/questions
    1. What is an ecological footprint?
    2. How is an ecological footprint determined?
        Obtain your "Ecological Footprint Calculator".
      Click on: Ecological Footprint Calculator
        a. when the "Download" panel comes up click on the "Open" button to install on the computer.
        b. An introduction panel comes up announcing "Ecological Footprint Calculator", there will be seen a text drop down menu box with "English" in it, click "OK".
        c. Click "Next:.
        d. Click "Choose. . .".

Select Where to place the "Ecological Footprint Calculator":
      Let it default to; "C:\Program Files\EFC
      You Select "Desktop"    - - - - My Favorite

        f. Click "Install". "Installing" windows announces that the application is being installed

When the message announces, "Congratulations! The Installation is complete. Pres "Done" to quite the installer." At this point the "Ecological Footprint Calculator" is installed and ready to use.

    3. If everyone had the same "Ecological Footprint" as you how many planets would we need to sustain us?
    4. Include a picture of  "Ecological Footprint Calculator" showing the number of planets needed.
    5. Develop a personal plan that would reduce your Ecological Footprints. Reduceing Ecological Footprints.
    6. Develop a plan that could reduce the Ecological Footprint of your community.
    7. Summarize what you did and what you found out.