Environmental Issues I

This Extra Credit project allows you to select one of the following topics that interests you.

         The successful completion of this project will earn 2 course percentage points.

                References are expected to support your positions and answers.


Directions: The following steps represent the parts or sections of your report.

                    Select one “Issue”, listed below, and use it as your title.

                    Clearly state the issue.

                    Identify and discuss the “sides” of the issue.

                    Research until you can select a side. Identify your selection and provide at least one supporting reference.

                    Discuss and support your position and apply its application to the environment.


Climate change

a. Global warming

b. Fossil fuels

c.  Sea level rise

d. Greenhouse gas


a. Habitat destruction

b. Habitat fragmentation

c. Species extinction

d. Pollinator decline

e. Coral bleaching

f. Whaling

g. Holocene extinction event

h. Invasive species

Environmental Impacts of Dams


a. Energy conservation

b. Renewable energy

c. Efficient energy use

d. Renewable energy commercialization

Genetic engineering

 Genetic pollution

Intensive farming

a. Overgrazing

b. Irrigation

c. Monoculture

d. Environmental effects of meat production

Land degradation

a. Land pollution

b. Desertification


a. Soil conservation

b. Soil erosion

c. Soil contamination

d. Soil salination


a. Nanotoxicology

b. Nanopollution

Nuclear issues

a. Nuclear fallout

b. Nuclear meltdown

c. Nuclear power