Environmental Science
Extra Credit


    Extra Credit Deadline is 12:00 Midnight of Day Seven of Week Seven



               Select an extra credit project that interests you, listed below, and follow the directions provided to complete the project. Submit to your instructor as an attachment to an email. Each project is worth 2% which is to be added to your final course average. You are limited to a maximum of 6 points of extra credit.

               Remember that it is better to invest your time to first completely finish your seminar reports to the highest level possible then tackle the extra credit.

  When submitting your Extra Credit:    In the Subject line, of your email, indicate: Section#, EC - Name

       ie. 02EC - John Doe


                                     1.  My Local Environment      

                                     2.  Ecological Footprint

                                     3.  The World's Most Polluted Places

                                     4.  Environmental Issues I 

                                     5.  Environmental Issues II

                                     6.  Global Warming