Global Warming




The Real Cause of "Global Warming"


This extra credit will investigate the "Global Warming" issue. Your assignment is to investigate both

sides of this issue, analyze the information and decide upon a position based upon fact. 

Please note that there references included which you may elect to use or substitute for those you select.


Your extra credit will have five sections.

        1. What is "Global Warming" and what are the the key issues.

        2. Key points supporting "Global Warming". Identify a minimum of seven points including references.

        3. Key points not supporting "Global Warming".  Identify a minimum of seven points including references.

        4. My points concerning "Global Warming". Identify a minimum of five points that you think are most
            valid, selected from supporting or not supporting Global Warming, and explain why.

        5. My position on "Global Warming". Develop a statement, taking into account all information (both sides)
            and present a reasonable case for you position, based on facts, concerning "Global Warming".
sure you have clearly indicated your support or rejection and why.


   If you are unfamiliar with the issue read the following:  What is the Global Warming Controversy From Wikipedia, the Free Encyclopedia


   References that support "Global Warming"

      1.  Global warming, photography, pictures, photos, climate change, impact, science, weather, arctic, Antarctica
      2.  No Need to Panic About Global Warming

      3.  National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration - Global Warming
      4.  Natural Resource Defense Council - Global Warming

      5.  What is global warming - Video

   References that do not support "Global Warming"

       1. Global Warming by John Coleman (Founder of the Weather Chanel)

       2. Thoughts on Global Warming

       3. Inconvenient Truths - Novel Science Fiction

       4. Inconvenient Truths Indeed

       5. The Real 'Inconvenient Truth'

       6. Movie - produced in Great Britain - Global Warming Hoax (very interesting)


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