The World's Most Polluted Places

The Blacksmith Institute has created a list of the world's worst ecological disaster areas.

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Extra Credit Directions:

1.  There are ten cities listed, as hotlinks, below. Read about each
     city. Select the five that you consider the most polluted Write
     a summary that indicates how/why they are considered polluted.
     In your summary include the picture provided and a minimum
     of one additional picture.
     In addition to the link/reference provided include one additional
     reference for each city for a minum of two references for each
     city selected.

2.  Are there any cities in the United States that deserve to replace
     one of the cities on the list?  Defend you answer.

 3. There are some individuals that indicate that we (U.S.) are
     responsible for the pollution in these countries and we should pay
     to help in their clean-up. State your position and support your
     position with examples.


  1. Linfen, China

  2. Tianying, China

  3. Sukinda, India

  4. Vapi, India

  5. La Oroya, Peru

  6. Dzerzhinsk, Russia

  7. Norilsk, Russia

  8. Chernobyl, Ukraine

  9. Sumgayit, Azerbaijan

10. Kabwe, Zambia


How the List Was Chosen