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  Science & Technology



Earth Structures





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The following is a list of  Environmental Science Reference Hyper links.  To select a hyper link of your choice, simply click on the BLUE link and you will be taken to that site.  To return to this page when finished, click "BACK" on your browser. In your wanderings, if you happen to come across a good Environmental Science Reference, please forward the WEB site address to : dr.suckley@sciencescene.com







Science and Technology






Information Center for the Environment (University of California, Davis)





InfoTerra: United Nations Environment Programme





National Library for the Environment





National Environmental Research Council

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EcoSystems: How they work





Biology Internet Resources



EcoSystems: Major Types & what can happen to them?





Coastal Services Center





Sierra Club Critical Eco-Regions Program





Society for Ecological Restoration





U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service: National Wetlands Inventory



EcoSystems: Forest, Rangeland, Parks,  Wilderness & Wild Species





Biosphere Reserves (Man & the Biosphere) 





Canada Forestry Management 





National Wildlife Refuge System 





National Resources Canada 





Protected Areas Virtual Library 





Sierra Club Critical Ecoregions Program 





U.S. Bureau of Land Management 





U.S.D.A. (United States Department of Agriculture) Forestry Service National





International List of Endangered Species 





U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service 





World Conservation Monitoring Center 

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Matter and Energy




Non-renewable resources fossil fuels





Department of Energy Fossil Energy Home Page





Fossil Fuel Primer





Energy Resources Program (U.S. Geological Survey)





Sustainable Fusion





University of California Energy Institute





UCEnergy/U.S. Department Of Energy (DOE)





U.S. Department Of Energy, Office of Fossil Energy





U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission





Yahoo: Nuclear Energy



Renewable resources fossil fuels





American Wind Energy





Sustainable Energy Resources





Energy efficiency and Renewable Energy Network (Department of Energy)





Energy Information Administration (Department of Energy)





Environmentally Renewable Energy Websites

International Network for Sustainable Energy





National Renewal Energy Lab (NREL)





U.S. Green Building Council





Wind Energy Investigation



Energy Usage





Energy Saving Appliances 





Green Guide to Cars and Trucks 





Green Power 








California Energy Commission Home Page





JET Joint European Torus project (fusion)





NRC Home Page





U.S. Fusion Energy Sciences Program





National Renewable Energy Laboratory

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Earth's Structure (Lithosphere) and Solid Waste




Natural hazards





Earth,s Observatory



Origin, structure and the rock cycle





Earth and Environmental Science





US Dept of Commerce/NOAA/National Geophysical Data Center



Plate tectonics, minerals and soil





LLNL Geologic & Atmospheric Hazards Projects





U.S. Bureau of Mines Home Page





U.S. Geological Survey-Geologic Information





Earthquakes (U.S. Geological Survey)





Geological Hazards (U.S. Geological Survey)





National Earthquake Information Center



Hazardous waste disposal





Center for Nuclear and Toxic Waste Management





Hazardous Substance Research Center





Great Plains/Rocky Mountain Hazardous Substance Research Center 



Non-Hazardous waste disposal





LLNL Environmental Technologies





WERC Home Page





Global Recycling Network 





Reduce, Reuse: Cygnus 





Stop the Junk Mail  

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Atmosphere and Climate




Air pollution

        Michigan's Department of Environmental Quality 










The Unidata Homepage





Clean Air Act





Radon Information





Indoor Air Quality





Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) & Ozone Depletion



Earth/land interactions





Weather Topics & Links



Origin and structure





Weather Topics & Links



Climate and Meteorological Data





Climate Prediction Center

Midwest Climate Center





Western Great Lakes Region 





Eastern Great Lakes Region 





National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)





Oceans & Climate





Ozone Depletion & Global Warming

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Water Resources - Hydrosphere




Earth's water reservoirs





CERES: California Environmental Resources Evaluation System





Greenpeace International Home Page





USGS -- Water Resources of the United States



Water cycle





Encyclopedia of Water Terms

        United Nations Environment Programme, Geneva





SeaWiFS Project - Homepage





Welcome To WaterWiser



Water pollution





American Water Works Association





National Pollution Prevention Center for Higher Education





SeaWiFS Project - Homepage





The World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Wastewater Engineering





Welcome to the Water Quality Association



Hydrological Data





Coordinating Committee 





Basic Hydrologic Data From Glerl 





Great Lakes Commission 





International Joint Commission 





Northeast-Midwest Institute



Water Level Data





Great Lakes Information Network 





Great Lakes Water Levels 





Detroit River Flows





Great Lakes Coast Watch 





U.S. Water 





Water Levels From Glin 

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Economics & Politics





Campus Ecology 





For State Population Stats 





Negative Population Growth 





Planned Parenthood 





Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Information 

        U.S. Census Bureau States and Cities Quick Facts





Projections of Population



Cultural Changes, Worldviews, Ethics & Sustainability





Center for Environmental Philosophy 





The Earth Council 





Environmental Philosophers 



Growth & Distribution





Eco-Home: Urban Ecological Living 





Negative Population Growth 





Planning & Architecture Resources 





Sustainable Cities





United Nations Population Information Network (POPIN) 





U.S. Census Bureau Home Page 

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Food Resources





Animal Sciences 





National Agricultural Library 





Sustainable Agriculture 





U.S. Department of Agriculture 





Food Additives (Food & Drug Administration) 



Pesticides & Pest Control





Insecticide Law 

    Genetic Engineering
        http://www.ific.org/foodinsight/1999/jf/biotechfi199.cfm - 
        http://www.foe.org/camps/comm/safefood/gefood/foodaid/news.html -
        http://www.safe-food.org/ -
        http://www.ific.org/publications/other/biotechmythsom.cfm - 

http://www.jacn.org/cgi/content/full/21/suppl_3/166S - 

         Consumer Advocate
        http://search.cnn.com/pages/search.jsp?query=Genetically%20Engineered%20Foods - 
        http://www.organicconsumers.org/gelink.html - 

http://www.consumerfreedom.com/search.cfm - 

        http://www.csa.com/discoveryguides/gmfood/overview.php?SID=dscrov7smddnl66q3ahvprhbh7 - 


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Federal Agencies





Great Lakes Environmental Research Laboratory 





U.S. Army Corp of Engineers, Detroit District 





Great Lakes Science Center










National Weather Service 





Michigan Sea Grant 





National Sea Grant Program 





Atmospheric Environment Service 





Canada Centre For Inland Waters 





Michigan Deq Office Of The Great Lakes 





Great Lakes National Program





Office, EPA 





eruptions, photos 

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League of Women Voters  -  Congress & Green voting  (info) 





Sierra Club Coalition 





Student Environmental Coalition 





International Association For Great Lakes Research





League of Conservative Voters  -  LCV   (green record vote) 





Detroit Edison 





Macomb County MSU Extension 





North American Lake Management Society 





Nature Conservancy 





Audubon National Society 





Sierra Club





World Wildlife Fund 

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Web Cams





Big Look of Web Cams (This site will take you to many live Web Cameras. :Note  not all are active!)
Lansing Web Cam 

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