Do you know what ANWR is?


ANWR is the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. It is involved in a debate concerning oil production.


Size of ANWR





Where is drilling proposed?




















The proposed development area is in the "ANWR coastal plain".












The opponents to drilling, when they talk about ANWR, show you photographs like these:















Isn't ANWR beautiful?  Why should we drill here and destroy such a beautiful place?


Well… that's not exactly the truth


 Do you remember the map?


The map showed that the proposed drilling area is in the ANWR Coastal Plain


Do those photographs look like a coastal plain to you?


 What's going on here?















The answer is simple…


That is not where they want to drill!


The proposed exploration area actually looks like in the winter



And this is what it actually looks like in the summer




As you can see, the area where they are talking about drilling is a barren wasteland.

Oh… and they say that they are concerned about the effect on the local wildlife…

Here is a photo (shot during the summer) of the "depleted wildlife" situation created by drilling around Prudhoe Bay ????????












Don’t you think that the caribou really hate that drilling?



Here's that same spot during the winter.



Hey, this bear seems to really hate the pipeline near Prudhoe Bay