Placing and Modifying Pictures in MS Word

Once you can obtain, select, and paste a picture into your report using IrfanView.there are several changes you may whish to make to your picture.
1. To change size:
  Click on the picture and little boxes will appear around the picture. Click on the box in the lower left, of the picture, and you will be able to drag the box which will resize the picture (smaller size will make the picture clearer). Don't make your picture too small or one can not read the address.
2. To move a picture on the page and to have your text flow around the picture:
On the MS Word Menu select "View", then select "Toolbars" and make active (click to select) the toolbar "Picture".  A "Picture Toolbar" will be placed with the other toolbars. With your picture selected (click on it) select the icon of the "dog in the box" on the new picture toolbar. Form the choices provided select "tight". You will now be able to place your cursor on the picture and move it anywhere on the page.
Have Fun and Experiment!


Last Updated:  Monday, 15 December 2008 10:21:31