Physical Science


There are two Types of Extra Credit



   Visiting a Science Museum (maximum credit 2% for each science museum)   Science Museum Tours

     You may obtain extra credit by going to one of the following science museums. You may select only one museum in each of the groups (local, regional, and national). The primary purpose for visiting a science museum is to experience science and technology outside the classroom and to experience societies support for science.  To obtain credit for this experience you must first go to the institute and complete the Science Institute Survey Form and secondly you must attach proof of attendance by attaching a ticket stub or a receipt to this form.

     Click to obtain the form:   Science Institute Survey Form


                        Local Science Center (2% max)

                               Cranbrook - Birmingham, MI

                                Detroit Science Center - Detroit, MI

                                Impression Five - Lansing, MI

                                Hands-On-Science Center - Ann Arbor, MI

                          Regional Science Center (2% max)

                               Chicago Museum Of Science and Industry - Chicago, Il

                               Ontario Science Center - Toronto, CA

                          National Science Center (2% max)

                                 The Smithsonian - Washington, DC


   Visiting Virtual Science Museums (maximum credit 2%)

Go to and select the Virtual Science Museums.


You will find a list of Virtual Science Museums from around the world. Review the list and 
       select 10 museums that interest you.


For each Museum selected:

      1.   Print page one of the home page for the Virtual Science Museum that you selected.

      2.   List the "sections of the museum or web site"

      3.   Discuss the contents of the site

      4.   Identify any areas, of the site, that match the Topics of the course.

      5.   Discuss how the web site applies to the Topics of the course.

      6.   Your opinion as to the quality of the site on a scale of one (1) to five (5), with one poor
       and five (5) being outstanding.


       If, on your wanderings, you come upon an outstanding site: These might include :Museum Web Site, magazine, article, encyclopedia, dictionary, glossary or definitions. Forward their URL and a brief description to my e-mail address:



Please Note:  ALL extra credit must be submitted before the last week of the semester.


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