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The following is a list of  Science Periodical Resources Hyper links.  To select a periodical hyper link of your choice, simply click on the http:// link and you will be taken to that site.  To return to this page when finished, click "BACK" on your browser. In your wanderings, if you happen to come across a good science periodical please forward the WEB site address to tyour instructor.




Scientific Periodicals:

TLC The Learning Channel OnLine
PCIM Online - Entrance Page
Popular Science Magazine
Science and nature news and Information from ION Science
Science And Technology Magazine
Scientific American Magazine
Welcome to Science Online
New York Times on the Web/Science (One time free registration for access)
Science Daily


Purdue Universities Online Reference Desk
How Things Work: University of Virginia
This site will try to explain the everyday science, that is around us


Canada's SchoolNet Learning Resources:
Federal Resources for Educational Excellence - Home


Dictionary of American Regional English
Oxford English Dictionary online
The Wordsymth English Dictionary - Thesaurus


Roget's Thesaurus


Encyclopedia Britannica


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