Physical Science 105


Welcome to Physical Science. I hope you will enjoy this course as much as I have enjoyed developing it for your online use. This course will provide the opportunity to explore fundamental areas of the physical sciences. These areas are considered by many educators as the foundation of most science. The topics you will study are a fundamental part of your life, family and society. 

You should view this course as developing twelve reports that are based upon experiments and supporting research that you conduct. 

Please view myself and your fellow classmates as individuals who can help you progress through this course. Do not hesitate to drop a note to the Discussion Board for help or to help another student. 

Steps to Getting Started            

Obtain the materials for the laboratory portion of the course from the bookstore.  Check equipment (Your Kit Number is your Student Number)

       There is no equipment for Light ( topic 06)  
There is
no equipment for Radioactivity ( topic 11)
There is
no equipment for Electricity part E - Ohm's Law  

Our assignments, topic seminars and reference materials are stored at our web site,, and are available  24 hours a day. Please sign-on to the Internet, using your ISP, and go to Locate the following: 

1. Physical Science
2. Seminars, Data Sheets, Quizzes
3. Useful Notes - read previous students comments
4. Read instructors autobiography
5. Read First Day Handout/Syllabus
( -> Science Course Support-> Physical Science -> Topics/Seminars -> 00 First Day Handout/ Syllabus)  
If you have any questions regarding the syllabus please post them to the Discussion Board.

Prepare an autobiography and post it to the discussion Board:  

Practice with programs found on CD (Usefull Software) provided in your kit. You may use the programs from the CD or Copy them to your hard drive.

Goldwave - Used for the investigation of sound

       IrfanView - used to obtain pictures of the internet. Provides very small storage size for picture.  Review any Useful Notes on “Graphics or IrfanView”

Read the Measurement  Seminar posted at ScienceScene 
Read Topic 01-Measurement and perform the Laboratory activity
  Read the note Building A Topic Report – Useful Notes  
Review the Example Report.
– Useful Notes                    
Develop your report on Measurement.- (any questions??)  
Follow the example reports format.
Submit your finished report to:  
Read the Syllabus and begin week two's assignment.

Suggested Study Plan for PHS105:

Day 7    (Saturday) Read the Topic and Seminar as indicated on the Syllabus.  Write 
             purpose section(s) of the report.

Day 1    (Sunday)  Complete laboratory  - discussion as needed

Day 2    (Monday) Write outcome section  - discussion as needed

Day 3    (Tuesday) submit on line quiz questions for discussion

Day 4    (Wednesday)  Do application - discussion as needed.

Day 5    (Thursday) Do relevancy - discussion as needed.

Day 6    (Friday) discussion - Submit Topic Report before midnight. 

It is my intent to be online each day to answer your questions and provide support for your work. Each Saturday I will evaluate all assignments submitted. The  grades should be posted before Sunday evening.


GOOD LUCK !  !    !  


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