Attaching Files to Notes


An attachment is a file you send with a note. You may send any type of file with a note, such as a document, spreadsheet or image file. This allows you to submit your electronic data sheets to your instructor.


Attaching a File

To attach a file to a note, click the ATTACH button on toolbar of the note writing window. The "Attach Files to Note" window will appear.

Select one or more files you want to attach, using the drive, directory and file lists provided. When you have highlighted the files you want to attach, click the ADD button. The selected files will appear in the "Attachments in Note" section on the right side of the "Attach Files to Note" window. Click OK to return to the note writing window. A list of the files you have attached can be seen to the right of the ATTACHMENT button in the header of the note writing window.

When you highlight a file in the "Attach Files to Note" window, the size of the file is shown at the bottom of the window after the label "File Details". We suggest that you not attach very large files, as they will cause long online sessions for the recipients of our note.


Removing an Attached a File

To remove attachments you have selected in error, highlight the files in the "Attachments in Note" section of the "Attach Files to Note" window and click the REMOVE button.

Last updated: Saturday, 01 November 2003 12:46:29