Developing the Data Points for A Graph

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1. Select the "Drawing" tool bar. View => Toolbars => Drawing Tool Bar

2. Make sure you can place drawings where you want them.
    Drawing Tool Bar => Draw => Grid => Snap to Grid (remove check)

3. Select shape or data point on the Drawing Toolbar (square or circle).

4. Click and drag on the page in the margin. This will make the shape.
    A small click and drag will make a small data point.

5. To change the size of the data point (smaller).
     a. select the drawing, by clicking on it, and you will notice little boxes 
           appear around the shape
     b. move the cursor over the selected object. The cursor will change into
         a plus sign. Right mouse click.
     c. Select, from menu, "Format Auto_Shape"
     d. Select "Size" and enter a new size, height and with (.07), for your data point.

6. When you are satisfied with the size of the data point copy and paste 
     the number needed to the margin. Click and drag the data points to the desired location.


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