Adding Your Own Graphics to Your Report



In order to add graphics to a report you will need to know how to use the graphic tool bar in MS Word. With a little practice you will be able to change color of drawings, draw shapes,  lines and various other graphic images. In fact many of the drawings in your textbook use this toolbar. To access the toolbar go to View select toolbars then select drawing.


The drawing toolbar looks like the following.   



To place the data point on the graph: Click on AutoShapes then select Basic Shapes and select the circle. Then click on the graph and you will be able to place a circle on the graph. Once the circle is on the graph you can click on it and move it anywhere on the graph. 




Placing graphics accurately will require you to select "Draw" then select "Grid" and un-select "snap objects to grid" (remove any check in the box). This will allow you to place your graphic at any point on the picture.



To draw a line between the data points click on Auto Shapes then Select lines

  Select the squiggle line and you can draw anywhere you wish. 



Once you have the data point close to where you want it then, making sure the point is still selected, use your arrow keys to move it to the exact spot. 



If you create a graphic and drag it to a new location and it appears to vanish you may have a layer problem. To solve this problem:


Obtain "Drawing Toolbar" - View -> Toolbars -> select "Drawing Toolbar"

 Click to select the graphic - leave highlighted

On the Drawings Toolbar select "Order" -> Select "Bring to Front of Text"


Don't forget that you can change line width and color. Have fun - be creative.





Last Update: Saturday, 01 November 2003 12:46:29