Setting Volume for Gold Wave

There are several factors to the reason why a person will get "LOW" or "NO SOUND".

Here are several suggestions to correct this:

In the "Lower" right hand corner of the "Task Bar", you will find the "System Tray", in the "System Tray", will be found a "Speaker Icon", do as the picture below asks.

This will bring up a window called "Master Out", in it you will find controls for all of your media controls, but at this time we are only interested in the "Microphone".

"Volume" (circled area), make sure the "Volume" slider control is all the way up. "Mute" (square area), make sure there is no "Check" (a ) Mark in the "Mute" check box. Having done all that, click on the "X" in the upper right hand corner. All is ready for Gold Wave.


On some older sound cards there is a Volume thumb control on the card, a person may have to adjust that as well. Here is a general picture of that sound card


Last Updated: Saturday, November 01, 2003