By Friday, of the next to the last week, you must have returned your equipment to the South Campus Bookstore. Please make sure that you have cleaned up the equipment, and returned all materials to their original containers. If you experienced any broken equipment or equipment that did not work please leave a note in your kit alerting us to the problem(s). Remember part of your grade is based on your maintenance of the equipment.


Wednesday evening, of the last week, will be the final examination at MCC South Campus in B-210 at 6:00 pm. The exam will consists of two parts, each consisting of 50 multiple choice questions, which will examine the topics investigated in this course. The best method to prepare is to study using the topic objectives as learning guides and the quizzes only as sample items to determine whether you acquired the skills indicated in the objective.


Plan well to reach your goals.

Last Updated: Friday, December 26, 2003