A Detailed Check List


By the end of your first week you should have:

Written your autobiography
Checked all materials in your kit
Loaded the software GOLDWAVE
Loaded the software IrfanView
Visited the web site ScienceScene.com
Checked the Syllabus for assignment
Read the Measurement seminar at ScienceScene 

Read the
Measurement topic in your textbook  
Written the procedure for your topic report on Measurement
Done the laboratory work for Measurement
Recorded laboratory data in the electronic data sheet for Measurement
Written the outcomes section of your report
Performed the activity Identified the topic seminar 
Written the Application section of your report
Use IrfanView to obtain a copy of the URL or address of the site you visited
Written the Summary section of your report
Take quiz and insert your answers into the report (review your answers with classmates to arrive at a consensus set of answers.)
Review the example report and revise your report  

      Submit report for evaluation as indicated in the syllabus


GOOD LUCK - Remember to ask questions we are all here to help you!

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