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Inserting Excel spreadsheets into Word 


This procedure works best if Excel and Word applications are both "open" .


In Excel
1.  Enter data into the spreadsheet. Count the number of pages indicated by lines
     provided to indicate page breaks


In Word
1.  Identify where you want to insert the spreadsheet.
2.  Using "Insert", "Page Break" to create the number of pages required.


In Excel
1.  Select the first page of the spreadsheet and copy


In Word
1.  Place the blinking cursor at the top of the page and use "Paste Special".
2.  A box will come up - select Excel Worksheet - click "Ok".
3.  Drag the spreadsheet to the desired blank page, if necessary, and adjust the
     spreadsheet to the page in Word.


Repeat the above procedures for each additional page.


Last updated: Friday, December 26, 2003