Physical Science Useful Notes
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Problem Notes:


When printing comes out weird

Instructor's Autobiography 

Gold Wave "Mic" volume

Example Report 

Procedure for inserting into a Word Documents

Building A Topic Report 

  Grading Report Used to Evaluate Topic Reports    
  First week checklist     
  What's My Section Number?    
  Measurement - Conversions    
  Why Be On-Line Five Out Of Seven Days?     

Inserting an Excel Document into Word

Notes for MAC Users
Developing Data Points For Graphs

Using The Graphics Toolbar 

Macintosh Users Obtaining Pictures

How to Use an Attachment 

How To Use IrfanView


Color Television Pictures and Color Addition 

Last week & Preparations for Return of the Kit 

Note to Future Students - Instructions 

Topic03- Structure of Matter

Topic05 Sound - Unknown Frequency

Topic05 - Sound Clarification Part A

 Topic07 - Color Subtraction Examples

Topic08 - Magnetism (motor)  

Motion Part A2 Flowing Water
Final Examination
Notes From Previous Students



       Exam Answer Sheet







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