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Irfanview use Directions
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Hi! Welcome to Irfanview. This program will allow you to copy any section of your monitor screen and place it into a MS Word Document.


Step 1. Obtain your picture or image that you wish to copy.


Step 2. Activate the Irfanview application by clicking on its icon.


Step 3. On the very top bar (where you see file, edit, etc) find OPTIONS; select "Options" then click on "Capture".
A new window will pop up showing active windows, find the window that you want to obtain a picture and click on the window.

Step 4. Select the "Client area" radio button. From the list of items select the "Client" or Name of Window to be captured and click "Start". The image will appear in the Irfanview editor.





Step 5. Using the mouse select the portion of the image for your report, by placing the cursor above and to the left of area you want to copy. Then drag the cursor to the lower right. of the area you want to copy. This will place a box around the desired image.










Step 6. Select "Cut" or "Copy" from the edit menu. Your image is ready to paste into any application that will accept Cut & paste.

Note: Irfanview is a free viewer application and is yours to keep and use