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Irfanview Install Application


To Install Irfanview Copy the folder labeled IrfanView, from the CD provided with your kit, to your hard drive. Open the folder click on IrfanView to use.    

OR to download the software from the Internet:

1. Print this document.

2. Locate "Irfanview application" (on previous web page) and click it to begin downloading.

3. Depending upon your system, one of two panels will come up. In the  "Save in" select "Desktop" and click the save button at the bottom.   Note where IrfanView.exe is saved. You probably should write it down, for later reference.

4. You should see the following panel while downloading and when finished an icon should appear on the desktop

5. Double Click on Irfanview icon to extract the application.  Click the "Unzip" button to create a folder on the "C:\" drive called "C:\PHSA105\Irfanview". ( Please note that the "Irfanview.exe" file is referred to as a "self extracting application" or SEA and does not need the WinZip program to be extracted.)

6. Locate the PHSA105 folder. Inside this folder is another  folder called "Irfanview" which should contain the following files:


If you do not find these files, delete the folder PHSA105 and reinstall.

7. The actual working program Irfanview is called "i_view32.exe". You may use it by clicking on it directly. You can also make an icon, that can be placed on the desktop, by:


Step 1. Right clicking on "i_view32.exe".

Step 2. A menu will appear, click on "Create Shortcut", this will put a short cut in the Irfanview folder.

Step 3. Click and drag shortcut to the desktop and you are done. You may wish to drag the icon onto your "Taskbar" (this will leave an icon on the desktop as well as the taskbar).


To use Irfanview simply click on the Irfanview icon
For Direction on the Use IrfanView - Please download the document "Using IrfanView


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