Useful Software



Graphics program that allows a student to do limited cut and paste graphics for their documents.  download and Read document before downloading actual application.

Irfanview - How to Install (read first)
Irfanview - How to use  (read next)  
Irfanview Application

An sound editing application used in the Physical Science Classes to study the prosperities of sound.  download and Read document before downloading actual application.

GoldWave - How to install (read first)
GoldWave Application 

Lava Lamp:
An application that puts a Lava lamp on your desktop

Lava Lamp Application 

Graph Paper:
A graph paper drawing application that will create graph paper that has dots or lines and for music buffs, there is three types of music diagrams, manuscript, tablature or percussion.

Graph Paper Application 

Babylon is a single-click translator, dictionary, converter, and information tool that enables users to get definitions, translations, conversions, and relevant information. It lives on your desktop and lets you receive information on topics that you choose by clicking your desired word term or number.  To install, find babylon.31.exe, click on it and follow what the panels ask you to do.

Babylon Application 


This is a calculator program, that can be used for your class work and beyond.



Is a conversion program that will convert, Troy weight, Dram weight, Apothecary weight, Metric to English or English to Metric, both linear and mass conversion.



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