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Textbook: Physics  Is  FUNdamental

Course Topics

Laboratory Data Sheets



  1.  Measurement

LDS 01


   Powers of Ten

   Measuring the Earths Circumference  

  2.  Experimental Models

LDS 02


   Frames of Reference

  3.  Structure of Matter

LDS 03

  Structor of Matter

   A is for Atom

  Atomic Structure

   Atoms What do they Look Like

  4.  Motion

LDS 04

   The Moving Man

   Motion - PORTAL

  5. Forces and Simple Machines

LDS 05

   Forces and Motion: Basics



  6.  Energy

LDS 06

   Energy Skate Park: Basic

  What is Energy?

  7.  Heat

LDS 07

   Specific Heat & Atomic Number 

   Conduction,     Convection,   Radiation  

   Egg in a Bottle   

  8.  Waves and Sound

LDS 08

   Waves on a String,     

    Sound,         Beats
Additional Thoughts on Beats

  Sound in a Vacuum          Doppler Effect

   Tacoma Narrows Bridge

  9.  Electricity

LDS 09

   Balloons and Static Electricity
   John Travoltage
   Electric Field Hockey
Electric Circuits Simulator

   Gas Pump Static Fire

  Static Electricity Examples

  Static Electricity and Childern

10.  Magnetism

LDS 10

   Faraday's Electromagnetic Lab
   Magnets and Electromagnets

   Mapping Magnetic Fields

11.  Electromagnetism and Light

LDS 11

    Bending Light

   Light Fundamentals 

   Light - Refraction and Flipping Arrow 

12.  Color

LDS 12

    Color Vision
    Color Wheel
Color Addition
 Color Subtraction

   Light and Color