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  1.  Measurement -

LDS 01


   Powers of Ten

   Measuring the Earths Circumference  

  2.  Experimental Models -

LDS 02

  Pendulum Sim.

   Frames of Reference

  3.  Structure of Matter -

LDS 03

  Density Sim
  Structor of Matter

   A is for Atom

  Atomic Structure

   Atoms What do they Look Like

  4.  Motion -

LDS 04

   The Moving Man

   Motion - PORTAL

  5.  Forces and Simple Machines -

LDS 05

   Forces and Motion: Basics



  6.  Energy -

LDS 06

   Energy Skate Park: Basic

  What is Energy?

  7.  Heat -

LDS 07

   Specific Heat & Atomic Number 

   Conduction,     Convection,   Radiation  

   Egg in a Bottle   

  8.  Waves and Sound -

LDS 08

   Waves on a String,     

    Sound,         Beats
Additional Thoughts on Beats

  Sound in a Vacuum          Doppler Effect

   Tacoma Narrows Bridge

  9.  Electricity -

LDS 09

   Balloons and Static Electricity
   John Travoltage
   Electric Field Hockey
Electric Circuits Simulator

   Gas Pump Static Fire

  Static Electricity Examples

  Static Electricity and Childern

10.  Magnetism -

LDS 10

   Faraday's Electromagnetic Lab
   Magnets and Electromagnets

   Mapping Magnetic Fields

11.  Electromagnetism and Light -

LDS 11

    Bending Light

   Light Fundamentals 

   Light - Refraction and Flipping Arrow 

12.  Color -

LDS 12

    Color Vision
    Color Wheel
   Color Addition
 Color Subtraction

   Light and Color