What is The MAPs Team?

The MAP Team is a group of educators with over 100 years of exemplary science teaching between them at grade levels from second grade through college. They have worked together for the last fifteen years to encourage and promote physics education in the public schools. They have conducted workshops for early elementary, middle, and high school  throughout the mid-west of the United States.

The presenters for these workshops are certified Operation Physics trainers. They have presented at National, State, and local workshops. They have presented at the National Science Teachers annual conferences, Michigan Science Teachers, and presented a National Science Foundation week long workshop for the Detroit Metro area. As a team, they have presented over 150 workshops in Physical Science. Each of these presenters has a keen interest in the improvement of science education. The goals of the team are to:

Enhance upper elementary and middle school teacher's understanding of physics concepts
Provide teachers with hands-on/ heads-on activities for effectively teaching these concepts to their students.
Provide the necessary integration of physical science skills with classroom activities to promote learning.

As we move toward the twenty-first century it is becoming increasingly clear that information and knowledge are accumulating at an ever increasing rate. This means that many of the concepts taught are outdated and many are misunderstood and students are expected to demonstrate specific learning outcomes as measured by various standardized tests.

Our outstanding workshops not only develop the conceptual basis of physical science and motivational techniques to promote student learning but it also introduces a strategy to target successful student learning outcomes in science.

The workshops are designed to provide suitable materials for teaching physical science concepts which will be utilized in the classroom. These workshops will improve the teaching of basic physical science concepts in the upper elementary and middle school grades. Each workshop covers a traditional topic in physical science and is designed to identify important concepts and eliminate misconceptions. The specific content areas of the workshops are:

  Measurement     Magnetism     Light      Electricity     Energy      Motion            

    Heat                      Sound              Color      Fluids             Matter      Simple Machines


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