Physical Science

The following is a list of Physical science topics containing teacher developed/modified activities that use equipment made from free or inexpensive materials. The materials have been field tested and presented at state and national science workshops and actually teach the concepts indicated in the materials. Note the manuals are the "Operation Physics" manuals and the "Presentation" is the supporting Powerpoint presentation.
To Download: "Right Click" on desired items, in Blue, then "Save Target AS" to your desktop. Double click on the downloaded folder to unzip. The download may tak a few  seconds to four or five minutes. Please share your experiences with these materials -

Dark Suckers - Handout - Envelope - Dark Suckers Audio
easurement - Manual - Presentation
Magnetism - Manual - Presentation
Light - Manual - Presentation   
     Investigating Light with Inexpensive Materials 
Modulation of Sound/Light
Electricity - Manual - Presentation
    Simple Circuit Board + Simulator
Battery and Bulb

     Challenge Your Students to Make a Dozen Classroom Motors - Handout
     Challenge Your Students to Make a Dozen Classroom Motors -

     Making a Battery
     Benjamin Franklinís Static Motor
Benjamin Franklinís Static Motor Video
     DC and AC Demonstrator
     Squishy Circuits
Energy - Manual - Presentation     
Motion - Manual - Presentation
 Motion and its Sidekicks
Heat - Manual - Presentation
Sound - Manual - Presentation - - - - Audacity (used for recording and analyzing sound files)
Challenge Your Students to MAKE WAVES      On-Line  Sound Portal
Color - Manual - Presentation

Simple Machines -Manual - Presentation

GLCE Workshops 

Interesting Materials

     Cool Physics Resources

     Using Hidden Text in Documents 

















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